Raquel Amarina Herrera

Updated: September 1, 2013


Herrera has been a fan of MMA since the beginning.

  • Nickname: Rocky
  • Birthday: March 2 1990
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Honey blonde
  • Height:5″3
  • Weight: 130
  • Waist: 26
  • Hips:35
  • Nationality: Cuban/Italian
  • Favorite Food: Seafood/Italian…Acai Sorbet!
  • Favorite Drink: Boba Tea!

Championship Fighting Alliance ring girl Raquel Amarina Herrera has been a fan of mixed martial arts before the sport had rules.

Herrera better known as Rocky is not the type to fight, so she chose another route to be part of the hottest sport in the country.
“I love MMA. I have been watching it since before its transformation into a sport in the time they would compete with no rules,” she said. “I’ve been training for a couple of years now. I don’t want to be an mma fighter. Being a ring girl seemed like a natural fit for me.”
She is honored to work for the number one mixed martial arts company in Florida.

“CFA is an amazing fight league; they are expanding so fast,” she said. “Working with the other girls is super fun. We always have a good time. I love being a ring girl for CFA the adrenaline rush of being that close to the fight is awesome. It never gets old.”

Herrera who wants to create a female mma clothing line, practices hobbies such as Muay Thai, belly dancing, traveling and shopping.

However, there is more than meets the eye behind this beautiful face. She packs a mean steam in her hands.
“I have been boxing now for 6 years, training Muay Thai for 2 years and now capoeira,” she said.
Herrera, who is studying sports medicine, added that her favorite submission is the rear naked choke and omoplata.

Here’s some extra on Raquel.

-What do you bring to the table as a CFA ring girl? I am a very ambitious and a fun person! I enjoy interacting with the fans and taking pictures. I feel I have a unique look with an outgoing personality, which helps draw attention of the crowd. I believe in and respect myself. I am very proud and honored to be a part of such a respectable company.

-What is your ideal of a perfect date? I am a very adventurist person; I love surprises or having a picnic on the beach, while watching the sunset or even going to a fair, amusement park or paintballing.”

-What do you look for in a significant other? Someone that can make me laugh and have a great conversation with! I look for a man that can listen and give good advice.

-What is special about CFA fans? How do you feel when you step inside the cage to salute the crowd? The fans are what make the night. You can definitely feel the energy of the crowd when you step in the cage. It feels as if I was about to fight myself.

-What is you favorite part of an mma show? Getting in the octagon. I love watching knockouts.

-How do you get ready for fight night? In the morning I have a healthy breakfast egg whites, oatmeal with blueberries; then, take my dog for a run on the Key Biscayne bridge, after that I hit the gym in the afternoon to do some weights followed by lunch. A few hours before the fight, I drink a protein shake, than I start doing my hair & makeup.