Updated: June 14, 2013

By:Roman Rodolfo If the contract is signed, Luis Palomino said his possible rematch against CFA lightweight champion Luiz Buscape Firmino will be “personal”. Palomino asked for a rematch soon after his victory against Robert Washington at CFA 11 via knockout. Palomino called out Firmino after the press conference and took to social media to make his word heard. Both came to a verbal agreement that the fight will be for the belt and the purse. Last time they met, a little push and shove took place at the press conference and weigh-ins. “This time it’s going to be worse,” he said. “They are going to have to have security there. I am a professional.” The Peruvian said Firmino acted that way due to butterflies. “I think nerves attacked him,” he said. “I called him all the names you could imagine.” Palomino promises to be at his best. “I will be the strongest in August everything is under prepartion for the fight,” he said. No word is finalized on CFA 12, but signs show that it could took place in August. He is confident that he can defeat Firmino this time around. Looking at his record, there is no doubt he has fought the top names in mixed martial arts. Palomino said he will deliver a surprise for the champion. “He did the best he can do what lay on top of me,” he said. “He made time pass by. I am going to finish this guy. I am going to knock him out.”