Updated: June 22, 2013

BY RODOLFO ROMAN CFA interim featherweight champion Sean Soriano doesn’t plan on resting too long after defending his title against Elvin Leon Brito at CFA 11. “I want to stay busy,” he said. “In the beginning of my career there was a 18 month layoff. I don’t turn down any fights. I believe in myself.” Soriano defeated Brito by unanimous decision to retain the title. When he earned the title at CFA 09, he said he felt exhausted after the fight and went to the hospital. But this time around, his five round fight against Brito was different as he dominated his foe. However, Soriano gave kudos to his opponent. “I knew he was like that; I knew I had to prepare mentally not to break,” he said. “If you can’t keep my fight then that’s how I beat you.” The undefeated felt in better shape for this fight. “The last time, I had never gone to three rounds,” he said. “This time I knew what to expect. I didn’t’ worry about finishes. I took it as I went. Even the 5th round I felt I was in the best shape.” But one thing he looked forward to doing after his win was relaxing. “I am going to enjoy a large pizza and some coke,” he said.