Updated: September 16, 2013

The talented Stephanie Janet Acevedo will bring more than just looks to the cage.



Model Cuban/Puerto Rican Stephanie Janet Acevedo is more than just a smile and good looks.

Acevedo has a talent she is excited to expose to the rest of the world: singing.

The 25-year-old is the newest CFA ring girl and she will make her first appearance inside the cage at Bongos Cuban Café at CFA FN 01 Sept. 11 featuring the main event Alexis Vila versus Wascar Cruz.

She is looking forward to meeting and greeting CFA fans.

“It will be a great experience,” she said. “I am excited to see it up close and personal.”

Ever since she was a little girl, she has dreamed of one day walking on stage and perform in front of a live large audience. She has been signing all her life but has taken her talent seriously about two years ago and is currently working on releasing a video for her new single, “In the moment”.

“It’s a song about being in a relationship and having moments when you are upset,” she said. “You think you are going to end and you pull through. Then you realize how grateful you are for the relationship. Its about getting through the tough times.”

The Miami born model has served as a model for various recognized brands like Bacardi. But mixed martial arts is relatively new as she will work and attend her first professional event.

“I’ve never been to a mma fight,” she said. “I have seen it on tv. I know the type of fighting.”

But don’t think she is afraid to get her hands dirty. She obtained a degree in ultrasound and she has seen her fair share of blood.

“Because of my field I did have a lot of clinical practice,” she said. “I would scan people that were in critical care. I am used to blood, needles and gruesome.”

Although she is getting her feet wet with mma, she does do something every martial artist has to do: train.

“I workout a lot,” she said. “Having a healthy lifestyle is very important.”

Turning to her debut, the hottie said she is ready to hangout and pose for the cameras at CFA Fight Night 01.

“I will always bring a smile,” she said. “I will interact with people. I will be professional and outgoing. Any fans that want to take a picture I will be inviting to that,” she said.

And, don’t worry fans, you’ll be able to see her soon inside the CFA cage singing a song.

In the meantime, you can catch her performing a Mariah Carey hit by watching this video on her Youtube channel.

More on Stephanie:

-Favorite mma fighter:

Georges St. Pierre

-Favorite singer”


-Favorite actor:

Paul Walker. “He has great hair,” she said.

-What would be your perfect date?

I like conversation. It would be somewhere relaxing like a lounge with good food. I like to get to know somebody. It would be a place that we can interact.

Follow her on Twitter: @JAStephanie

Instagram: Stephs_Music

Watch her perform a famous Mariah Carey song on her Youtube channel.