Is using social media?

Updated: January 27, 2013

Before any competition, it is more than common to speak about your opponent whether it during a football game, a political debate or even a chess game.

The same goes for mixed martial arts, fighters almost always speak about their opponent whether they mean it or not is a matter of finding out. But, it is important to build hype between the warriors before battle. The best way of communication is frontal. That’s when fans get to see emotions run high and possible fists can be swung. However, in MMA, fighters for the most part are respectful and unleash the fury inside the cage. But, considering it is 2012 social media is another form of communication humans are taking too. Updating a status or sending a tweet can be either inspirational or spark a flame. That’s why promoters have taken into account how much fighters use social media as a way to keep an eye on their following. It’s also an easy platform for fighters to find their next opponent. Championship Fighting Alliance fighting posted a message on its Facebook and Twitter page to hear from fans and this is what they had to say: -Madeina Arzeno: “I don”t believe calling out a fighter in the social media has anything to do with being cowardly or manly. The social media is used to network and promote. However I do believe that if a fighter is going to call out another fighter they can do so respectfully and like professionals. =)” -Ryan Derocher: “It’s the 2012 why to call someone out but just like the old days of talking crap and getting in the guys face and trying to make him flinch it’s all for nothing if you don’t follow though with it” -James Warfield-Lane: “ I don’t think its unprofessional to call someone out this way. Anyway to get your point across is a good thing! Even Muhammad Ali the greatest of all time went to Sonny Listons house in his front yard and called him out. If he had Facebook back then he would have been known as the greatest keyboard ninja alive! Lol but if you call someone out then not show in any form or fashion that is a yellow belly coward. Lol” -Cornelius Gregory: “It don’t matter how you call’em if you man it doesn’t matter where it is. Now him not responding now that would be cowardly” -Ayandy Mdledle Williams: “No class if you do that , just my opinion” -Steve Manas: “I def wouldn’t say “manly” but as long as u follow thru with your words… Unlike certain people not to be named haha” -Garrett Upton: “as long as its specifically for mind games” -Shuter McGavin: “All depends on how it’s done. There is nothing wrong with wanting to compete with the best…just don’t act like an idiot.” What do you think? Is using social media to call someone out cowardly or manly? Give your opinion at our Facebook or Twitter!