Updated: September 3, 2013



When Nicaraguan born Luis Hernandez (0-1) isn’t pounding the bag, he is assisting with patient’s smiles.

Hernandez, who fights at the inaugural CFA Fight Night 01 series at Bongos Cuban Café in Miami Sept. 11, says he juggles between a full-time job and the fight game.

“I have very long weekdays. I work as a dental technician in our family business,” he said. “It is not easy to work, train and have a family at the same time specially during a fight. But I have a great support system at home that allows me to make my dreams become a reality. I believe you have to make some sacrifices in life to succeed.”

Hernandez, who trains at FFA Freestyle Fighting Academy in Miami, will be making his second appearance at CFA. His first professional fight was against Gleidson Dejesus, which he lost by decision in January. He said he took several lessons from his first professional loss.

“I learned that I needed to change the way I train for a fight in order to compete at this level of competition,” he said.

Fighting was an easy choice for him to consider professionally, considering he would get in trouble for fighting in school. Although he had a passion for boxing, one day he watched mixed martial arts on television and it triggered him to start training.

“I love it as corny as that sounds,” he said.

He searched for schools that were affordable because he didn’t have the financial assistance to pay for training.

“FFA had a scholarship program for anyone that wanted to train and couldn’t afford it and now am a pro mma fighter,” he said.

Hernandez said he is grateful for the opportunity CFA has provided.

“I feel honored and thankful that they can give me this opportunity,” he said.

For the fans, Hernandez says he will deliver an uncanny performance.

“I am dangerous,” he said. “This is just like any other fight.”

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