Getting to know Jones

Updated: February 27, 2013

Get to know Allanna “Hands of Stones” Jones (1-1) who fights at CFA 10 and will compete at the inaugural women’s tournament.

CFA 10 takes place at the Bank United Center March 2. Tickets on sale at The winner of the tournament will win the CFA women’s featherweight title and $20,000.

Jones, 26, was born in Detroit, Michigan, but currently resides in Kalamazoo.

She says she always brings the heat inside the cage.

“One thing about me is that I like to show my best and give the fans what they like to see,” she said. “I am a tough fighter and I don’t give up.”

She trains at Soldados MMA out of Lansing, Michigan.

“I’ve been training there for about a year or so. The coach there name is Leroy Ortega,” she said. “Also, I train with a boxing coach his name is Terrance Thomson in Kalamazoo.”

She counts on a team for helping her to sharpen her mma tools.

“I have a great support system when it comes to training,” she said.  “A lot of people help me get to where I need to be for a fight.”

A family member inspired her to get involved in the fight game.

“What got me started was my brother Victor Jones,” said Jones, who considers Laila Ali, daughter of the great boxer Muhammad Ali. “Seeing him doing it and I always had an interest in fighting growing up.”

Jones says she considers herself a freestyle fighter, but is versatile.

“I am good on the ground, but my favorite thing to do is strike,” she said. “Love looking for ways to hit my opponent.”

You can follow her on twitter @handsofstones_1