Updated: April 3, 2013


Submissions take work. But some fighters know exactly when and how to apply it and if you blink you might just miss it. Championship Fighting Alliance has had its fair share of quick submissions. There have been several submissions by our fighters, but the quickest submission belongs to Alex Poulsen who defeated Maurice Salmon. He landed an arm bar submission at 16 seconds in the first round. The second and third fastest submissions belong to Trent McCown, who landed his finisher on Zach Juusola in the first round at 26 seconds. McCown also submitted Michael Trujillo via submission at 1:01 in the first round. McCown also has three submissions in CFA. The fastest submission in a heavyweight contest in CFA came from the hands of Sean Mccorkle who defeated Camron Befort in the first round at 1:12.