CFA Knockouts

Updated: March 25, 2013

84ac056b57dd032fcf18a346d4a81feb_LChampionship Fighting Alliance has had its fair share of vicious knockouts. For mixed martial arts fans, a knockout is something they look for. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a fight ending with one big bomb? It adds the extra spice to your night of entertainment. So, let’s review some recent CFA knockouts.

Oscar Delgado vs Byron Byrd CFA 10

Delgado is known for his knockouts, but at CFA 10 he silenced mma fans when connected a hand that sent Byrd straight to the canvass landing on his side. The shot was strong enough that it wiped out Byrd for a few seconds. Delgado knocked out his opponent in the first round at 2:12.

Jordan Parsons vs Lazar Stojadinovic CFA 07

At the time, Parsons hyped his fight as he was ready to defend his title, but his belt defense was short lived. Stojadinovic knocked out Parsons in the first round at 1:11 to take home the belt and give Parsons his first professional mma loss. When Parsons woke up, officials had to notify him he had been knocked out. Parsons surely didn’t remember he had lost.The knockout was heard around the world as it was featured on AXS TV’s Inside MMA television program titling it “Timber”.

Valdir Araujo vs Marcelo Alfaya 09

In a fight that was expected to go about 5 rounds for the welterweight title came to an end at just 25 seconds of the first round. Both have black belts in jiu jitsu. It was a fight that was expected to be technical, but Alfaya’s knockout left the BankUnited Center in shock. Alfaya came out on top and took home the CFA welterweight champion, the first one ever for the promotion.