CFA 11 Twitter Trend

Updated: May 29, 2013

821ee19c73076a9074fe1f4f0b493d5a_LChampionship Fighting Alliance not only made its national debut on AXS TV, but it was trending on Twitter for the first time. The hash tag #CFA11 trended nationwide at around 10 p.m. Eastern time. Also, CFA main event fighter Mike Kyle trended too. Kyle was the top trend beating the release of the Hollywood blockbuster film Fast and Furious 6 and the NBA playoffs team Indiana Pacers. CFA 11 trended right above #obamascandalmovies. Some on Twitter where so extremely delighted with CFA 11, they couldn’t wait for the #cfa12. Other MMA superstars like Mike Rio tweeted how great the show was. Other athletes like World Wrestling Entertainment’s former heavyweight champion CM Punk tweeted how much he enjoyed the show on AXS TV. His tweet was the most retweeted. We thank our fans and stars for watching and tweeting.