Updated: March 14, 2013


Jacob Brunelle (1-1) added an extra workout to improve his fight game and it surely helped as he came out victorious against Guillermo Marin (0-2) at CFA 10.

“I worked ground more and added cross fit to my workouts,” he said.

Brunelle, who is ready for battle, defeated Marin via decision.

Looking back at his fight, he said he would make some changes.

“Next time, (I’d like to) setup my punches and pick my shots, during ground and pound,” he said. “Also, (I’d) like to maintain my position before striking and not to punch myself. So, next time I will be even more prepared.”

He said he has respect for his past opponent.

“Marin is a tough fighter with a ton of heart and ground skills and was a great individual to meet,” he said.

Brunelle didn’t waste any time as far as sharpening his skills, as he jumped into training quickly.

“I jumped back into it Monday and back sparring Thursday,” he said. “It’s my addiction. I can never take time off (because) I want to be champion one day.”

The Caveman is ready for his next task, he said.

“(I am ready) whenever the CFA wants me back and whoever they want me to fight,” he said. “I am here to fight 24/7 and 365,” he said.