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Updated: March 18, 2013

e1e1ad60f07c4aa3ccbcb2973e9d7007_LSince CFA 10, Allanna Jones hasn’t stopped training for her next opponent, which as of now is scheduled to be Fallon Fox. We reached out to Jones who defeated Kelsey De Santis via unanimous decision. She is competing in the all women tournament where the CFA featherweight title and $20,000 is on the line.

CFA: What have you been up to since your win?

Jones: Since the win, I have been back in the gym training and back to my everyday life stuff.

CFA: What can you tell us about your next opponent Fallon Fox and is the news on her mean anything to you?

Jones: Can’t tell you much except what everyone already knows about Fox. The news does mean a lot. I was in real shock to hear the news about Fox; it was something I have never heard of. Not sure what to think about it.

CFA; Are you just looking past the news and focusing on a fighter and how have you prepared for your fight against Fox mentally? Have your coaches played a role? Are you doing anything different for this coming fight as far as training?

Jones: I am keeping everything in mind. I am continuing to train hard and stay in the gym everyday. I have been picking up on my training. I’ve been going to the gym two times sometimes three times a day. My coaches push me hard through training and so do my teammates. Making sure I am prepared for the tournament. Everyone has important role in my training.

CFA; What did you learn about your last fight and what changes have you made to your fight game since then.

Jones: The main thing I learned is to be more aggressive. That’s what I am going to do for the next fight.

CFA: How did you celebrate and how soon did you go train after your last fight?

Jones: As soon as I got back home, some of friends just and me went out and had a celebration dinner. I was back in the gym few days after the fight. I never take a long break. I always stay training.

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